Arrius MPR-5000 – master grade – best solid wood!



We are pleased to present you the newest version of our greatest achievement, which is undoubtedly the MPR-5000 model and its sub-models as well as finishing modifications.
While creating this model, our main ambition was to create possibly the best guitar ever – a perfect concert instrument that will delight the audience and inspire the player giving him rich inspiration not only during concerts but also during daily practice and making music.



While creating MPR series of Arrius guitars we used the best wood species from around the world, as evidenced by the excellent condition of our instruments after the warranty period. Wood for the production of guitars comes from verified suppliers and has a number of certificates. The minimum period of wood aging is 8 years. Thanks for that we guarantee of structural stability over the entire period of guitar use.




The unique sound with new systems

In the new Arrius guitars series, we did our best to maintain a conservative look referring to the previous model.

On the other hand, the internal construction is a masterpiece and the peak of the current construction possibilities, which allow to extract up to 22% of more volume, while maintaining the standard dimensions. In a word, the whole mystery of our model’s success is hidden inside. Thanks to the patented high sound interception system with a special resonance hole, we received amazing results – you can hear iy in every single sound.

Something for connoisseurs of beauty

For our most demanding customers, we offer over-the-counter accessories that will please the precious stone lovers. We have prepared limited series in which the heads of guitars will be decorated with precious stones like Swarovski crystals, Moissanite and Brylant as well as gold strings. The prices of such orders will be set individually, depending on specifications and size of the accessories

New specification

Top: Special Solid Canadian Cedar

Back & side: Solid Indian Rosewood

Neck: Solid African Mahogany

Bridge, Armrest & Fingerboard: Solid Ebony

Nut & Sadle: Ox Bone

Machine Head: Golden Special

String: Hannabach Hard Tension 18k Gold

Binding: African Rosewood/ Maple – 8 layers

Scale: 650 mm

Nut Width: 52 mm

Body Width: 370 mm

Upper Width: 280 mm

Body Length: 480 mm

Body Depth: 100 mm


New price:

Price at a minimum of 3 pcs. – $9,900

Price at 1 pc. – $10,490

Arrius MPR-5000
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